Which types of seats are appropriate for rear-facing children?

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Two types of seats may be used rear-facing: Infant Only seats and Convertible seats.

Infant Only Seats

These have a carrying handle and snap onto strollers and onto a base which you leave in your vehicle–so they’re very convenient. You can run errands, get in and out of the car, etc., all without waking the baby. Most infant carriers can be used without the base, a feature you will find very convenient for use in taxis, planes, and other types of travel. Getting a bigger infant carrier seat, where the weight limit is 30 lbs or more, is a good idea, since it extends the length of time during which travel with your sleeping baby is easy. Who wants to wake a sleeping baby to take them in or out of a car seat?

Convertible Seats

Called convertible seats because they convert from rear-facing to forward-facing, these seats can take a baby on their first ride home from the hospital all the way through the preschool years and even beyond!

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