When can baby start using this seat?

RFO seats are designed for newborns and infants, but not all will necessarily fit small babies well. 


  • Height: Baby’s shoulders must reach the lowest shoulder strap slot. The seat may include an infant insert to help raise baby.
  • Weight: Baby meets minimum weight (usually 4 or 5 lbs)


When is baby too big for this seat?

All RFO car seats have a maximum height AND weight limit. Each seat is different, but typically:

  • maximum weight is 30 to 35 lbs, 
  • maximum total height is 28 to 35 inches
  • maximum torso height is when there is less than one inch from the top of the child’s head to the top of the carrier.

When your child has reached ONE of these limits they are too big for the RFO seat and must move into a larger car seat.

The vast majority of children will be too tall for their RFO car seat before reaching the seat’s maximum weight limit.

ALWAYS check your car seat’s instruction manual, look at the labels on the seat, or call the car seat’s manufacturer to find out your car seat’s weight and height maximums.

See our rear-facing convertible (toddler) seat recommendations to help you choose the next seat. (Coming Soon!)

My baby is big! Should I keep using this seat?

Your child doesn’t need to stay in the RFO car seat until they reach the seat’s maximum height/weight. They may move into a rear-facing convertible car seat at any time, as long as they meet that new seat’s minimum age, height, weight and developmental requirements. See our convertible recommendations here.

Reasons to switch to a convertible before your child has met the RFO’s maximum height or weight limit include:

  • the RFO seat feeling too heavy to tote on and off the stroller
  • a reduced need for portability
  • the child wanting to sit more upright in the car
  • the need to make room for additional car seats or passengers in the vehicle.

Pro Tip: Keep your infant carrier if your baby still fits in it! You can still use it on vacations, in rental cars, on planes, and if you need portability for another specific situation. It’s always much easier to travel with an infant carrier + stroller than with a convertible car seat.

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