Ford Flex

2009-2018 Ford Flex

2010-2018 Lincoln MKT

The Flex and MKT have the same interior – so we’ve combined them here into the same page.

Starting in 2012, the Flex & MKT now have the option for inflatable seat belts (seat belts with an airbag built-in) for 2D & 2P. Click here to read more about these seat belts – as most car seats are not allowed to be installed with these belts. In the 7-seater model, the 2nd row has seat belt overlap between 2D/2C with the inflatable belts, but not with the regular seat belts.

Due to the way the 3rd row head restraints protrude forward, it may be best with some forward-facing car seats & boosters to flip the 3rd row head restraint down and secure the car seat or booster against the folded down head restraint.

7 Seater Model


6 Seater Model