Dodge Durango

2011-2018 Dodge Durango

The Durango is available as a 6 or 7 seater for this model year range – with either 2 or 3 seats in the 2nd row, respectively.

The 3rd row is identical in both the 6 & 7 seater models and has no lower anchors but does have tether anchors for both seats.

The 2nd row of the 7 seater model has a bench that is nearly identical to the one in the Jeep Grand Cherokee – except 2C in the Durango has a flexible buckle, while in the Grand Cherokee it is rigid. This flexible buckle in 2C will make the Durango well-suited for accommodating 3-across as the Grand Cherokee is already able to do quite a few 3-across scenarios but is limited by the rigid buckle for 2C.

The Durango did poorly in IIHS crash tests – earning only a marginal in the driver’s side small overlap frontal crash test – so if you are in the market for a vehicle, we would not recommend the Durango.

6 Seater Model

7 Seater Model

According to manuals:

2005 Durango: 3rd row only has 50/50 split option (2 seating positions in 3rd row)

2006 Durango: 3rd row only has a 60/40 split (3 seating positions). Shows 3 tether anchors for 2nd row

2007 Durango: 3rd row only has a 60/40 split (3 seating positions) – adds tether anchor.

2008 Durango:

2009 Durango: