Is there LATCH in the Center of My Car?

If you aren’t sure what LATCH is, click here, then come back to this page.

In this article we’re talking specifically about the Lower Anchors of LATCH – as almost all center seats have Tether Anchors, but few have Lower Anchors.

Center LATCH in the 2nd Row

Center LATCH in the 3rd Row

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Important things to consider

Did you know that there are 9 possible combinations that can allow you to use LATCH in the center of the vehicle?

In the pictures above, there is a letter in the top right hand corner. Pictures A-H all have lower anchors for the center seat that are at the standard 11 inches. Only letter I has lower anchors that are at a wider spacing than the standard 11 inches. Only B will potentially allow you to install 3 car seats side-by-side with ALL of them installed using the lower anchors.