Triple Strollers – 2 newborns + 1 toddler

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Make sure you are viewing this table on a computer (not a mobile device) AND click on the “view larger version” in the bottom right of the table to see the table MUCH better.

Since there are only 3 triple strollers that take a car seat, we’ve included the double strollers here too (read below about ways you might be able to make a double stroller work for your needs). If you only want to see the triple strollers, add a filter to the “kids” column so that you only see the “3 FTB”.

There is some important info to know about each of these triple strollers (click the pink name below to learn more).

Fine Print (don’t skip it…)

There’s fine print you need to read before buying a specific stroller or car seat – click here. Trust us on this, don’t skip the fine print. 

Not sure what each column means or how to use the table?

No problem! Click here to learn about all the information in each column AND the how to use all of the functions, features, and filters found in the table.

How could a double stroller work for your 3 kids?

While the Joovy, Peg Perego, & Valco strollers will accommodate all 3 kids in actual seats, some families with newborn twins + a toddler don’t need a full seat for the toddler, but also can’t use a ride-on board at th back as the toddler may be young and either not able to balance or not able to stand the whole time.

One option is to wear one of the kids, and have the other two ride in the double stroller.

Another option is to use a double stroller that you add a sit-on board to the back for your toddler to use. If your toddler were to get really tired (too tired even for a sit-on board) – depending on your stroller you could wear one of the twins and pop the toddler into one of the main stroller seats. 

Double Stroller + Sit-On Board

Listed below are some options for add-on sit-boards that can attach to a wide range of strollers (just make sure to check that the board you want will fit on the stroller you want).

Englacha Junior X Rider

Kleine Dreumes Kid Sit

Lascal BuggyBoard Saddle – attaches to the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi

Bugaboo strollers ONLY

Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board

Kleine Dreumes Twoo (only fits on Bugaboo strollers as goes on Bugaboo board)

Note: there are tons of “buggy board” attachments for older kids to stand on – but all the ones above allow the older child to sit. If you like the idea of a buggy board (standing only), but want one that’s a little more “fun” – check out the Mountain Buggy Freerider which when detached is a scooter!

How many car seats must the stroller take: 2 or 1?

If you want the stroller to take 2 car seats, then make sure to go into the Car Seats column and select “2”. However, if you want to expand your options, look at double strollers that just take 1 car seat (and can allow the other newborn to lay flat or use a bassinet). 

If you want one newborn to be able to lay flat without needing a car seat or bassinet, then in the Newborn Use column, make sure you select “1 seat”.

If you are looking to use a bassinet (which is often a separate purchase) for one of the babies then make sure you select “1 bassinet” in the newborn use column – and if you want to be able to use 2 bassinets, then select “2 bassinets”.

Here are some triple strollers that do NOT take any car seats

There are limited options for triple strollers. Here are a few more to add but these do NOT take any car seats AND many can not be used until the baby can sit upright unsupported. You can read full reviews of many of these strollers here (we are not affiliated with these reviews – but think they are comprehensive and helpful).

ABC Adventure Buggy (Twin, Triple, or Quad Stroller)

A triplet mom we helped with her car seats had this stroller and raved about it.


This company makes strollers for day care/preschools. They have several models that will take 4 children (none that take fewer than 4).

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller

This gets horrible reviews on Amazon and the company has 2 complaints on the BBB website. From the reviews it sounds like the stroller quality leaves a lot to be desired. The company does not seem to have a website.

Child Craft Triple & Quad Strollers

These strollers (also under the brand name Foundations) are frequently used by day care centers.

Runabout Strollers (1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 seaters)

These strollers are tanks that are built to last – and are often bought by daycares and schools.

Despite the very outdated look of their website, they are in fact still in business and making strollers.

Looking for a Running Stroller? Click Here.

Double Snap N’ Go’s (Frame-Only Strollers)

These are frame-only strollers, meaning that you must use the car seat at all times with these strollers as otherwise there’s nothing for the baby to sit in. This also means that these strollers are obsolete once the baby outgrows the infant seat.

Note: The Baby Trend Snap-N-Go name is very misleading… as car seats do NOT snap into the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go… rather, you must STRAP them onto this stroller. The Baby Trend stroller is safe to use, so long as you are diligent about strapping the car seat properly onto it each time. Car seats will snap into the Joovy TwinRoo+.

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