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boy RF in Radian RXT with sunglassesMany parents install sun shades on the rear windows of their cars. Unfortunately, many sun shades are dangerous – either because they block the driver’s visibility out that window, or they have a hard plastic roller that can fly and hit the child in the head during a crash.

We recommend getting your windows tinted as the safest and most effective way of blocking the sun. Tinted windows are also safer in a crash, as the tinting laminates the windows and makes it such that if the window breaks it won’t shatter into a million tiny pieces of glass – rather it will spider web but stay connected like when the front windshield (which is always laminated) breaks.

If you use a sunshade, it should be very lightweight and allow drivers to see through it easily.

Another option is this sunshade which attaches to the child’s safety seat–and has no hard parts or sharp edges. However, when using a sunshade on the child’s car seat, be extra careful that there is enough air circulating around the child so that they don’t overheat.

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