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Make sure you are viewing this table on a computer (not a mobile device) AND click on the “view larger version” in the bottom right of the table to see the table MUCH better.

Fine Print (don’t skip it…)

There’s fine print you need to read before buying a specific stroller or car seat – click here. Trust us on this, don’t skip the fine print. Also, make sure to read the text in the “notes” column for a particular stroller you are considering.

Not sure what each column means or how to use the table?

No problem! Click here to learn about all the information in each column AND the how to use all of the functions, features, and filters found in the table.

Filtering tips to find your perfect stroller:

We’ve pre-filtered the table so that you only see strollers that can be a single (i.e. you won’t see strollers that are only doubles). However, you’ll likely want to consider adding some other filters.

Will you possibly add to your family in the next 3 years? If yes, we’d suggest looking at the strollers that can take 1 or 2 kids – as you’ll use it as a single stroller for this first baby, and then turn it into a double in a few years when baby #2 comes. You’ll know which strollers these are as in the kids column they’ll say “2 SBS” or “2 FTB” in addition to “1”. You can use the filter for the Kids column to see just the single strollers that can later become doubles by saying “has any of” “2 SBS” “2 FTB”.

If you know that you definitely do not want a Side-By-Side double, then make sure you only filter for the “2 FTB” strollers in the kids column (and vice versa if you know you don’t want a FTB stroller). 

If you want to cover all of your bases, look for the double strollers that in the Newborn Use column can take 2 car seats (some of them only take 1 car seat, even in their doubles mode), so that if you get pregnant with twins in the future you won’t need a new stroller. To select for this, filter the Newborn use column so that it “has any of” “2” car seats.”

Looking for a Running Stroller? Click Here.

Looking for a lightweight single stroller that takes a car seat?

Stroller weight is a big deal for a lot of parents – especially moms who have to haul it in and out of the trunk 15 times a day. Here are the lightest of the single strollers – all weigh 20 pounds or less! Unfortunately none of these lightweight singles will turn into double strollers.

Snap N’ Go’s (Frame-Only Strollers)

These are frame-only strollers, meaning that you must use the car seat at all times with these strollers as otherwise there’s nothing for the baby to sit in. This also means that these strollers are obsolete once the baby outgrows the infant seat.

Note: The Baby Trend Snap-N-Go name is very misleading… as car seats do NOT snap into the Baby Trend Snap-N-Go (single or double)… rather, you must STRAP them onto this stroller. The Baby Trend strollers are safe to use, so long as you are diligent about strapping the car seat properly onto it each time. Car seats will snap into the Graco, Chicco, Joovy, and Maxi Cosi snap n’ go’s listed here. 

The table below explains the different ways a car seat might or might not fit onto a particular stroller.

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