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We want you to get the most out of this stroller buying guide, so please take the time to read this entire page so you’ll understand how to use the stroller features & car seat compatibility table – especially the powerful filter functions – to help you find the perfect stroller & car seat. First we’ll explain what information you can glean from each column – and then we’ll explain how to use the filters, features, and functions in the table. 

Here’s a sample table with 9 strollers (the real table has 150+ strollers). Make sure you are using a computer (not a phone or tablet) to see this table – otherwise you won’t be able to view it properly. 

Remember to scroll left in the table to see all the columns!

Click the pink column names below to understand more about each column.




Table Features: Hide Fields, Filter, Group, Sort Search

Click the pink words below to learn more about each feature so you get the most from our tables. You can experiment with the sample table above (the one with the 10 strollers) to see how the table works.

Additional considerations when choosing a stroller

Measure twice, and buy once would be a good rule of thumb here! Many grocery stores in urban areas have super narrow aisles, so don’t forget to consider all the places you may want this stroller to go.

If the answer is no, that may be OK as some parents choose a stroller that is their walk-around-the-neighborhood stroller that has large wheels for a super smooth ride, but choose a more compact option for tossing in the trunk and using at the mall, grocery store, etc. And just because a stroller fits in the trunk, doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to physically lift & manuever it in and out each time – so try before you buy! Last, if you have a minivan or SUV and someone is going to sit in the 3rd row, make sure that your stroller fits BEHIND the 3rd row… it is NOT safe to have someone ride in one half of the 3rd row and have the other half folded down for strollers, groceries, etc – as the person in back is now in essence riding in the trunk and all the stuff can fly on top of them in a crash.

Don’t just pay attention to the fold, pay attention to how many things you can leave on – or need to take off – in order to fold it. For example, some strollers require you to remove the seat in order to fold the stroller, which adds an extra step. When using a car seat on the stroller, sometimes you have to remove the adapters from the stroller (and make sure not to lose them) and then can fold the stroller – while others allow the adapters to stay on.

How easily does it push? A single handle bar will allow for a one handed push, while two separate handle bars will require both hands to push. An empty stroller on a smooth floor will push like a dream – so you want to put weight in the stroller and try pushing it outside on a bumpy sidewalk (or grass or sand if you’ll be “off-roading” with your stroller) to see what it will really be like.

If you plan to walk to the grocery store and carry your groceries home, you’ll need a large basket. If you pack a diaper bag the size of a suitcase… you’ll need a large basket. If you’re a minimalist when it comes to the diaper bag or you get all your groceries delivered, you won’t need that large of a basket. In some of the FTB double strollers, using the 2nd seat will often obliterate most of your basket since the child will be putting their feet in the basket. In some strollers, if the stroller seat is reclined you’ll need to sit it upright (and potentially wake the child) to get the stuff out of the basket.

Check out whether the handle bar height accommodates your stride length. Some handle bars get taller, others flip up/down – find one that fits the needs of all the adults who will be using it. 

Do NOT copy, share, or reproduce any information, text, or images from this page or others in our car seat/stroller buying guide without our written permission.

The Car Seat Lady is not responsible for errors or omissions. We’ve tried VERY hard to ensure 100% accuracy… but we’re human, and car seat and stroller manufacturers are constantly making changes!

This information is applicable to the car seats as sold in the US. Car seats listed above with similar or identical names may be sold in other countries but are NOT the same seat.

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