>Rebecca Black – of “Friday” fame – meet Tyler Presnell, he might just save your life!

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>Watched this video – Black Friday – that’s become an internet sensation and all I could think was how awful it was that 68 million people have watched a video glorifying behavior that gets kids killed. Rebecca Black and 4 other teenagers pile into a convertible and sing and dance about partying it up – NO ONE is wearing a seat belt.  Car crashes are the NUMBER ONE cause of death for teenagers in the US – but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Seat belts, extended supervised driving time, driving without peers in the car, and graduated licenses save lives!

Tyler Presnell knows all too well what its like to be the cool kid riding in the back seat of a friend’s car without a seat belt; his story doesn’t have a happy ending.  When the 16-year-old driver of the car Tyler was riding tried to show off for his friends, the car ended up wrapped around a telephone pole.  Tyler suffered a traumatic brain injury and injured every organ in his abdomen as shards of his pelvic bone ripped through his abdomen. Twenty one surgeries and 11 years later, Tyler has relearned how to walk, how to feed himself, how to talk, and how to remember – but he will never be the same. 
Listen to him tell his story.
Listen and learn!

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