NYC Taxi of Tomorrow Survey – Let YOUR VOICE BE HEARD when The Car Seat Lady meets with the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

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On 4/15/11 The Car Seat Lady met with the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission to discuss the safety of children in NYC Taxis. We outlined the problem as it currently exists, and proposed feasible solutions (i.e. built in car seats & boosters). Under a project known as the Taxi of Tomorrow, the T&LC is in the process of selecting the design for the next NYC taxicab – a design that will be in use for at least the next 10 years as the ONLY vehicle allowed as a NYC taxi.

At the time of our first meeting, nearly 1,000 parents had completed our survey – and we used this data, along with the nearly 250 additional comments submitted to tell the T&LC what parents WANT and NEED to keep their kids safe as they travel around NYC. The T&LC was very impressed by the number of parents who wanted their voices to be heard (and the clear message parents were sending) – AND WANTS TO HEAR FROM AS MANY MORE PARENTS AS POSSIBLE. We will continue to provide them with the information you give (anonymously) in this survey.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE – please fill out this quick survey and ask as many of your NYC friends who have kids to do the same. We want to tell the T&LC that children deserve to ride SAFELY AND CONVENIENTLY in taxis. We want your input and feedback to bring to our future meetings so that we can make your voice heard! The Car Seat Lady respects your privacy. ALL SURVEYS ARE ANONYMOUS. Thank you for taking of your time to help keep kids safe in NYC taxis.

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