>Let’s play – What was the car maker thinking?? (or – were they thinking at all?)

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>It’s the disappearing center seat!

Why should you care?

What does a “normal” center seat look like?

2010 Honda Accord Sedan
Center: 15 inches wide

What car seats might work in a narrow center seat?

Get ready to watch the center seat disappear!
Note: All of these center positions have top tether anchors (for forward-facing car seats) – which means that someone who made the car thought it would be possible to install a car seat in this position.  I’m wondering what they were smoking?

It gets narrower…

2010 BMW X5Center: 9.5 inches “wide”
Best part: if you can find a forward-facing car seat that is narrow enough, the head rest is fixed and angled forward which prevents the car seat from resting flush against the back of the vehicle seat, and thereby prevents a tight installation

And narrower…

2010 Infiniti EX35Center: 9 inches “wide”
(check out the dual hinges the center is sporting – this center is a car seat nightmare)

and narrower…

2010 Nissan Cube
Center: a svelte 8 inches
Worst part for a car seat: the seat belt & buckle are 5 inches forward of the bight!

wait – it’s almost non-existent here…

2010 Toyota Highlander – back view
My bottom hurts just looking at this center seat
2010 Toyota Highlander – front view
I didn’t get to measure as I lost my tape measure, 
but the center is probably about 6 inches “wide”
Wait… it did disappear!
2011 Mini Cooper Countryman

Finally, a wise decision – if you don’t have room for a center seat, don’t tease us with 8 inches of a seat that is unusable for a car seat or a human body

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