LATCH Weight Limits

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LATCH changes 2014 updated 11.14.001

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Why do lower anchors have weight limits?

Have there been any crashes or tests where the lower anchors have failed?

Three in the crash test lab, but none in real world crashes.

What are the lower anchor weight limits?

In February 2014 there was a major amendment to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 (the safety standard that applies to car seats and boosters sold in the US) that introduced weight limits for the lower anchors. The limit depends on when your car seat was made.

For car seats made AFTER February 27, 2014:

For car seats made BEFORE February 27, 2014:


Do the lower anchor weight limits also apply to boosters?

Short answer: NO.

My child exceeds the weight limit of the lower anchors. Do I have to buy a new seat?

My child exceeds the weight limit of the lower anchors. Does this mean my child has to go into a booster now?

Can I use the lower anchors AND the vehicle’s seat belt?

Do tether anchors have weight limits too?

What are the car seat manufacturers doing in light of the lower anchor weight limits?

What about the Sunshine Kids/Diono car seats with SuperLATCH?

Do seat belts have weight limits?

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