LATCH Weight Limits

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LATCH changes 2014 updated 11.14.001

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Why do lower anchors have weight limits?

Have there been any crashes or tests where the lower anchors have failed?

Three in the crash test lab, but none in real world crashes.

What are the lower anchor weight limits?

In February 2014 there was a major amendment to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 (the safety standard that applies to car seats and boosters sold in the US) that introduced weight limits for the lower anchors. The limit depends on when your car seat was made.

For car seats made AFTER February 27, 2014:

For car seats made BEFORE February 27, 2014:


Do the lower anchor weight limits also apply to boosters?

Short answer: NO.

My child exceeds the weight limit of the lower anchors. Do I have to buy a new seat?

My child exceeds the weight limit of the lower anchors. Does this mean my child has to go into a booster now?

Can I use the lower anchors AND the vehicle’s seat belt?

Do tether anchors have weight limits too?

What are the car seat manufacturers doing in light of the lower anchor weight limits?

What about the Sunshine Kids/Diono car seats with SuperLATCH?

Do seat belts have weight limits?

11 Responses to “LATCH Weight Limits”

  1. Rena says:

    Do the weight limits include the base? (base + car seat + child < 65lbs?). Do the weight limits apply to a car seat with a rigid LATCH like our Baby Trend Inertia? Or am I understanding correctly that we continue to use the LATCH for the life of the seat?

    • The weight of the car seat includes all parts of the car seat that are connected to the car… so for a seat with a base, the total weight of the car seat is the carrier + base. The weight limits do apply to a seat with rigid LATCH like your Inertia – although with a child’s weight maximum of 30 pounds, the Inertia would have to weight more than 35 pounds (carrier + base) to make it even possible to exceed the limit… and I don’t think the Inertia weighs that much.

  2. Jennifer says:

    My daughter is FF in a Britax Boulevard 70 CS and falls below the 65lb combined limit. We use the tether system and latch; is it beneficial/detrimental to go ahead and switch to the seatbelt & tether combo? Thanks!

    • Jennifer – I typically suggest that parents select the easiest installation method in cases where they have a choice. I find that LATCH is easier to achieve a secure installation with the Britax 70 seats than the seat belt, so I’d keep it as you are doing now.

  3. […] With most vehicle manufacturers now giving a weight limit for the lower anchors of 65 pounds (combined weight of child + car seat) it is now important to know how much your child’s car seat weighs. For a complete explanation on the changes to LATCH and how this affects the installation of your child’s car seat, click here. […]

  4. Jenny says:

    My niece just had a baby boy and I want to share this with her when she gets out of the hospital. These changes to LATCH are all new to me and I’ll be taking care of him when she returns to work.

  5. perry M says:

    My child weighs 75 pounds, but requires a booster. We wanted to buy the Britax Parkway SGL which supports his weight. However, it is equipped with LATCH. Can I still use the LATCH in light of this new LATCH weight limit? If not, why would they make such a seat if LATCH is not ok to use?

    • As noted in this post, the lower anchor weight limits do NOT apply when the seat is being used as a booster (where the child uses the vehicle’s seat belt across them as their restraint).

  6. Britt says:

    Thank you for answering about the rigid latch system! I had a hard t Ime finding info on it regarding the new weight limit. Glad I chose rigid latch!

  7. Amber Golackson says:

    in the recent past, ive seen an infograph with vehicle pictures showing where each top tether location is for 5, 6, 7, and 8 passenger vehicles. i cant find it now and would like to have it for reference, can you provide the link please?

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