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The Nuna Pipa is a The Car Seat Lady Top Pick as it has key safety features – rigid LATCH + load leg on the base, European belt path on the carrier – and ease of use features – harness straps tighten smoothly, lightweight carrier, and a fabulous sun canopy that extends to baby’s feet. We’ve used this seat for our own kids – and know you’ll enjoy using it as much as we have.

Note: There is now a Nuna Pipa Lite & Lite XLwe DO NOT recommend either of the Lite’s as they can not be installed without the base, and even suburban parents with no travel plans in other cars often find themselves needing to use the carrier without the base once or twice – and might find themselves in a dicey situation with the Pipa Lite’s since this can not be done. See more about our feelings on the Pipa Lite/Lite XL here.



Instruction Manual

PDF of Pipa manual

Different Versions of the Pipa

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