Cleaning a Car Seat

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How to Clean a Car Seat If you’re reading this, we sympathize with you. Cleaning

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Rear Facing Installation Tips, Tricks and Videos

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When installing your rear-facing car seat (convertible or infant seat), try the following: Move the

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Forward-Facing Installation Tips and Tricks

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Make sure your child really needs to sit forward-facing. Remember, kids who sit rear-facing are

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Warm Weather Tips

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How do you keep your child–especially a rear-facing chlld–cool in the car during the summer?

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Expert Tips: Flying with Kids

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We’ll walk you through selecting the best car seat for your travel needs, getting the seat through the airport, installing the seat on the plane, and ways to keep kids entertained and comfortable during the flight.

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Buying a Safer Car

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How to Buy a Safer Vehicle We hear it all the time–buying or leasing a

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Where should I install my child’s car seat? Which spot is safest?

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The center of the back seat is statistically the safest place in the car. Research

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Handle Position in the Car

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Many parents think that the handle on an infant seat always has to be back when the

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Used and Borrowed Car Seats

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expiration date on car seat label

Is it safe to use a borrowed or used (secondhand) car seat? Can you sell

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After a Crash

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Can I keep using my car seat after a car crash? Probably not. Crash forces

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