>Answers to “Mistake Monday” 3/1/10

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>Please note:
Every seat is different – always read the manual to YOUR child’s car seat as what applies to one seat may not apply to another.  The booster shown in these two pictures was the Graco TurboBooster backless.


  1. The arm rests are designed to keep the lap belt from riding up into the abdomen.  The lap belt is not placed in front of the arm rest, but rather behind the arm rest.  (See cartoon from Graco’s manual showing proper routing of the lap belt)
  2. The small screw that holds in the arm rest (into its higher or lower position) is not being used.
  3. Yes, there are projectiles (laundry anyone?) 


        1. On this booster (as with most others), the shoulder belt should go under the arm rest that is closest to the seat belt buckle.  In the picture, his shoulder belt is over the arm rest closest to the buckle – just like in the misuse cartoon in Graco’s manual.
        2. The vehicle’s seat back or head rest should come up to at least the top of his ears to reduce his chance for whiplash injuries.  


    Note: Some people have mentioned that the boy seems quite old for a booster.  There is no maximum age for this booster.  Without doing the 5-step-test, it is impossible to say if he is ready to ride safely without a booster.  He might, however, benefit from a booster that is wider and deeper (so that the booster ends closer to where his knees bend).  The Sunshine Kids Monterey, Chicco Key Fit Strada, Britax Frontier 85, and Maxi Cosi Rodi XR are all great boosters for older, taller kids.

    Teaching Tips – How to Know that a Person has Adequate Head Protection (against whiplash): 
    The top of the ears is the same height as the base of the skull.  Therefore, if the head is supported at least this high, there is less chance for whiplash injuries.    

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