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What is uberFAMILY?Go-w-little-boy_sml

uberFAMILY is 1 forward-facing 5-point-harness car seat per vehicle. Currently there are no rear-facing seats or boosters in uberFAMILY. Every vehicle has the same seat – the IMMI Go. The Car Seat Lady has trained every driver in the proper installation of the seat – and the driver will install the seat.

You will be responsible for buckling your child. The straps tighten differently on the IMMI Go than any other seat – so please watch this video BEFORE your first ride. We have trained every driver in how to secure a child properly in the seat – so if they see you struggling or doing something wrong they will offer assistance so that your child rides as safely as possible.

IMMI Go pictorial guide for drivers.001

Who can go in the IMMI GO?

To ride in the IMMI Go, a child must be AT LEAST:

A child is too big for the IMMI Go when they reach any of these limits:

Wait, I thought it was 5 times safer to be rear-facing?

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations are that kids remain rear-facing until AT LEAST 24 months, and hopefully longer. Studies show that rear-facing is 5 times safer than forward-facing and nearly eliminates the chance of brain and spinal cord injuries. We practice what we preach – we keep our own kids rear-facing as long as possible (Emily’s oldest is 4.5y and still rear-facing).

HOWEVER, we know that most parents don’t/won’t bring a car seat for a toddler or school age child into an Uber or taxi… which leaves most kids riding at tremendous risk as they’re typically held on a parent’s lap, belted in with a parent, or worn in a front carrier. None of these methods offers the child any protection – and surprisingly wearing the child or belting them in with you makes a really bad situation even worse.

Knowing that a car seat is ALWAYS better than no car seat, we feel it is best to allow the use of the Go within the range specified by the manufacturer (12 months + 22 pounds + 31 inches) so that more kids are riding restrained.

What if your child is too small for the IMMI GO?

Kids who are too small for the IMMI Go need to ride in a rear-facing car seat. Do NOT wear your child or hold them on your lap in a taxi! While any rear-facing seat can go in an Uber, some will work better than others. For safety, you’ll want a car seat that can be installed easily and securely without its base (as you don’t want to be schlepping along the base). For convenience, you’ll want the car seat to fit onto a stroller so that you aren’t stuck carrying the car seat when you get out of the Uber. Check out our car seat – stroller compatibility chart here.

Suggested seats:

Here are some seats The Car Seat Lady thinks are particularly great for Uber & other types of travel as the carriers install easily and securely without their base:

Infant in Cybex Aton2 without base

Infant in Cybex Aton2 without base

Infant Seats

All seats listed below allow a European seat belt routing path, which enables a quick and easy installation without the base. All listed have max weight limits of 32 lbs or more.

If your child is too big for these infant seats (typically they’re outgrown around 12 months of age), we would love for you to keep your child rear-facing longer in taxis using the Combi Coccoro.

Toddler rear-facing in Combi Coccoro

Toddler rear-facing in Combi Coccoro

Convertible Seats

Goes rear-facing AND forward-facing.

What if your child is too big for the IMMI Go?

Kids who are too big for the IMMI Go need a booster seat to keep the seat belt safely and properly positioned on their hip, chest, and collar bones.

The lap belt needs to rest on the top of the thighs, so that the crash forces are applied to the strong hip bones; if the lap belt is on the belly, it can cause serious injuries to the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, bladder, and spinal cord. It surprises most parents to learn that it is the lap belt that hurts kids if not properly positioned. A shoulder belt that rubs a child’s neck is uncomfortable, but surprisingly not dangerous in a crash (despite popular opinion). What is very dangerous is putting the shoulder belt behind the child’s back or under the child’s arm – this removes all protection for the child’s head, neck, and chest and even increases the chance of abdominal injuries too. The shoulder belt should rest comfortably between the child’s shoulder and neck.

8y/o on Bubble Bum

8y/o on Bubble Bum

While any booster seat can go in an Uber, some are more travel friendly than others.

The Car Seat Lady likes these boosters for their portability:

Bubble Bum

Safety 1st Boostapak

5 step test


To test out uberFAMILYUber is offering fans of The Car Seat Lady a special discount off their first ride.

1) Use promo code CARSEATLADY for $30 off your first Uber ride!

2) Download the App and enter the code.

3) Request uberFAMILY and be connected to a highly-rated uber driver with 1 forward-facing car seat.

Terms: Expires 11/1/14. Good for one ride, up to $30, new riders only. excludes uberT.

Already have Uber? Enter the code FAMILY to unlock the uberFAMILY option in your app. Follow the step by step guide here.

To learn more about UberFAMILY, including how to request a car equipped with a car seat and safety details, head to:

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