Where in my vehicle are the tether anchors?

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Reading your vehicle’s instruction manual will tell you IF you have tether anchors AND where to find the tether anchors. DO NOT ASSUME you have found the tether anchor without reading the manual, as the real anchors are VERY EASILY confused with other parts of the vehicle (like cargo hooks) that are not strong enough to hold the tether strap in a crash. Most cargo hooks are meant to hold about 20 pounds. A tether anchor is meant to hold several hundred pounds of force in a crash. Tether anchors are not always easy to find. They’re often hidden under plastic taps that you must flip up or remove or are at the very bottom of the back of the vehicle seat.

Does my vehicle have tether anchors?

Vehicles model year 2000 and newer must have tether anchors in at least three backseat positions. In the backseat of vehicles with only one row of seats in the back (sedans, small SUV’s, hatchbacks, etc), all three positions in the backseat must have tether anchors. Vehicles that have more than 3 seats in the back, like large SUV’s, minivans, etc, sometimes have tether anchors for more than 3 backseat positions. One exception is SUV’s model year 2000 to 2004 that have only 3 backseat positions; these were required to have only 2 tether anchors, one for each side seat. While many did have the tether in the center, a significant number did not. A retrofit kit is available for some of these SUV’s, so you can add a tether anchor to the center seat.

Finding your Tether Anchors

We have included a list, below, to indicate how many different places tether anchors can be found. This list is not all-inclusive–please check your vehicle owner’s manual to be sure you have found the correct tether anchors.

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