Jeep Cherokee

2014-2018 Jeep Cherokee

After a 13 year hiatus, the Cherokee was reintroduced for 2014. It has a shallow back seat (fitting rear-facing car seats in back with a tall adult in front is challenging) and an awkward layout that makes 2C nearly useless because of a rigid buckle for 2D and seat belt overlap between 2D and 2C.

The 5th lower anchor which allows for center LATCH is also nearly useless as it makes the car seat take up 2D & 2C – and because “center LATCH” is skewed towards the driver’s side in this vehicle, installing a rear-facing seat in 2C with center LATCH will not allow the car seat to tuck between the gap between the two front seats but rather will force the driver’s seat forward. The Cybex Aton2 did install securely in 2C with the lower anchors and allowed the driver’s seat to come back nicely – but blocks the use of 2D in so doing. 

2001 Jeep Cherokee

For 2001 the Cherokee gained tether anchors for all 3 seats – but is otherwise unchanged from the earlier models.

The Cherokee was introduced in the early 90’s – and was frankly horrible for car seats and adults in the back seat. It had no head restraints for any seat – coupled with an extremely low seat back it was a recipe for severe whiplash. It also had a very squishy seat with long seat belt buckles that made getting a secure installation for many car seats challenging/impossible.