Hyundai Santa Fe

2013-2018 Hyundai Santa Fe

Starting in 2013, the Santa Fe now comes in a 6 seater option (in addition to the 7-seater that had been offered for many years). The 6-seater has 1 tether anchor in the 3rd row, while the 7-seater has zero tether anchors in the 3rd row.

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe 2nd row showing how seat belt for center seat is into driver’s side seat

2010-2012 Hyundai Santa Fe

In 2010-2012, the Hyundai Santa Fe did not offer the option for a 3rd row (and the 2nd row for this model year range looks identical to the ’09 Santa Fe).

2007-2009 Hyundai Santa Fe

2007 was the first year this vehicle was offered with the option of a 3rd row. It was available as a 2-row SUV (5-seater) or 3-row SUV (7-seater).

2007 saw the introduction of a head restraint for 2C. 2C’s shoulder belt no longer comes from the roof – it now comes from the vehicle seat.

2001-2006 Hyundai Santa Fe

The vehicle was only offered as a 5-seater for this model year range. 2C has a shoulder belt that comes from the roof (but no head restraint) for this model year range.