Chrysler 200

2015-2017 Chrysler 200

The 200 was redesigned for 2015. 2C gains a head restraint with this redesign. The head restraints in 2D & 2P are now adjustable whereas in earlier models they were fixed and did not allow a tether to pass under them. The other change is that now the seat belt buckles are all rigid and mounted flush with the seat cushion – before they were flexible (which was much better). There is now a prominent bump at the seat crease which was also not a good change.

It is permissible to borrow the innermost lower anchors to install car seat in center (spacing is 17.7 inches) – but doing so will likely block the use of the seat belts for 2D & 2P. 


This vehicle features a very prominent bump at the bight (it is worst in 2C) which will interfere with a proper installation of many infant seat bases – and some other car seats as well.

If looking for a Dodge/Chrysler sedan in this size class, look at the Dodge Dart instead.

2011-2014 Chrysler 200

The head restraints for 2D and 2P are fixed (unlike in 2015-2017 where they are adjustable and you can route a tether under them). All of the buckles are flexible in this model year range.