3 Across

2-Together & 3-Across Recipes

We’re currently in the early stages of a super exciting project – one that we’re calling “2-Together & 3-Across Recipes”.

Rather than telling you to order a bunch of narrow car seats from Amazon and try a dozen out, only to return them in a fit of rage after spending days in your driveway installing and uninstalling car seats with nothing seeming to work for 3-across in your car… we’ve decided to do the leg work for you.

This project is also helpful if you are just starting out with your first child in one of these vehicles and want to know which seats will be best as your family grows in this vehicle so you don’t have to replace car seats as you add to your family in the future.

We’re taking new or late model vehicles (minivans, SUVs, sedans, and wagons) and spending many hours in the back seat trying out several dozen different car seats to give you specific “recipes” for 3-across in these vehicles. We’ll tell you which seats fit where – and even whether you should install with seat belt or lower anchors.

This is a 100% independent project (like everything else that we do). The vehicle and car seat manufacturers have no influence on the vehicles or car seats that we choose and have not paid us in any way for the time or effort spent in this 3-across project. We have received the vehicles (for a few days at a time… sadly not to keep) and the car seats (to keep – as we’ll use them in the future for other projects, and when we’re done with them donate to families who can’t afford a seat or to instructors to use for teaching) free from the manufacturers – but all of the vehicles and car seats are received because we have asked for them – not because a manufacturer asks us to highlight their vehicle or car seat.

Here are the vehicles we have recipes for thus far:


2018-2019 Honda Odyssey

2015-2019 Toyota Sienna (coming soon)

3-Row SUVs

2015-2019 Toyota Highlander

2018-2019 Volkswagen Atlas

2-Row SUVs

2019 Acura RDX (coming soon)

2019 Toyota RAV4 (coming soon)


2018-2019 Honda Accord (coming soon)

2015-2018 Subaru Legacy (coming soon)

2019 Toyota Camry (coming soon)

Car Seats & Boosters in our 3-Across Recipes

Below is a list of the car seats we have tried in these various recipes (they are grouped by their modes – rear-facing (RF), forward-facing (FF), highback booster (HBB), no-back/backless booster (NBB). All of these seats are on the narrower side – some are obviously narrower than others! We’ve tried to select seats that offer a high capacity in their respective mode so that if a 3-across works with this seat, you won’t have to buy a new seat or redo the 3-across for another few years hopefully.

In a few cases we opted for seats that take up significantly less room into the front seat than others (Cybex Aton2, rear-facing Nuna Rava) making it justifiable to opt for a seat that might last less time than other seats, but might fit best in your vehicle for the time it does fit the child!

Please keep in mind that we do not design car seats, and we do not have any control over the prices of the seats. It so happens that many of the narrowest seats are also on the more expensive side. We have tried to select seats from as many price points as possible – and for the expensive seats have really focused on value meaning that they must last a long time (high height and weight capacity) so you aren’t buying a new $300 seat every year.

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