Subway & Trains


Subways are a very safe way of getting around an urban environment. If you are just taking the subway & walking on that particular outing we recommend NOT bringing a car seat with you since you’ll be able to travel lighter without a car seat in tow.

Here are some recommendations on the best way to get around by subway. If your subway stops will have an elevator then you can consider bringing a heavier stroller with you… but make sure you have a way out if the elevator is broken

Babies: Wear the baby, and bring a small diaper bag with just the essentials with you. Pick a lightweight stroller with a full recline if you want to bring a stroller – the Mountain Buggy Nano is a great option.

Toddlers: Wear the child, and bring a small diaper bag with The best way to get around the subway is to wear the child


Is it safe to take your child on the train without a car seat?

Yes. Trains do not have seat belts or LATCH, so there is no way to properly secure a car seat to a train seat. Like buses, trains are large and visible, thus less likely to be involved in a crash.

However, just because you can’t use a car seat or booster on a train doesn’t mean you can leave the car seat or booster at home. If you’ll be getting off the train and taking a taxi or riding in a family member’s car make sure you have a car seat or booster with you for these trips.