Infant Carrier without base (European Style)

A European belt path is where the shoulder belt is wrapped around the back of the carrier. This is in contrast to the American belt path where the shoulder belt just rests against the back of the vehicle seat. The European belt path is safer than the American belt path as it decreases forces on the baby’s head and neck during a crash. Note: do NOT use a European style routing path unless it is approved for your child’s car seat.

The following US seats currently on the market feature a European belt path on the carrier. The Chicco Fit2 has the highest capacity of any of the seats listed here as it can accommodate the tallest child (and all kids are too tall long before too heavy for an infant seat); the Fit2 will fit 75% of kids until at least their 2nd birthday.

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When doing the European belt path, some seats belts may seem too short to wrap around – but almost all are truly long enough if you do the tipping trick shown in the video below.

Note: The tipping trick shown above does not work with the Cybex CloudQ, Doona, and Peg Perego 4-35/4-35 Nido as the lap belt routes through the carrier’s handle and prevents you from tipping the seat up. You’ll want to do the trick shown in the video below when installing one of these seats if the seat belt seems too short for the European belt path.