Tips on Mask Wearing for Kids and Adults

❓WHY wear a mask?

🥺Wearing a mask is a sign of respect. It means you care about others and are doing your part to prevent your germs from infecting others.

🥺Since many people are contagious while asymptomatic with Covid19, it is important that EVERYONE (except kids under 2) wear a mask in public – regardless of whether you feel sick or well.

❓HOW to wear a mask:

😷Masks need to cover your nose👃 – including your nostrils 🐽 – AND your mouth 👄.

😷Putting on a mask: Wash your hands, then put on a clean mask and adjust the nose bridge and straps for a snug fit to your face. Wash your hands (because you were touching near your face and don’t want to share your germs with others).

😷While wearing the mask: Do NOT touch the mask! Do NOT slide the mask under your chin or onto your forehead! The outside of the mask should be considered dirty (it may have Coronavirus or other germs) – treat it like the outside is covered in spicy peppers and keep your hands off!

😷If you think you’ll need to take your mask off before you get home again, bring a spare clean mask – so that you can remove the dirty one, drink your coffee in your car before heading off to your next errand, and put a clean mask back on.

😷Taking off a mask: Wash your hands. Take the mask off using the ear loops or strings in a way that the mask falls away from your face. Do not slide the mask up or down your face. Wash your hands (you can wash your cloth mask by hand at the same time using regular soap and water – and then wring it out and hang it to dry).

❓WHEN to wear a mask:

🏪 Anytime you will be going indoors somewhere that is not your house

🏞️ Anytime you will be going outside somewhere that you may not be able to keep 6 feet between you and others (who are not in your household)

❓WHO should NOT wear a mask:

👶Babies & Toddlers under 2 years of age

♿ Anyone who can not take their mask off by themselves

💁TIPS to keep a mask from sliding up/down:

👃Choose a mask with a wire in the nose bridge. My cloth mask didn’t have one, so I took embroidery floss and in less than 5 minutes with literally no sewing skills needed I sewed a thin piece of bendable wire in it.

👃Make sure the mask is the right size – if too small or too large it is likely to slide off the proper parts of your face, especially when you are talking.

👅While out in public, use your jaw/chin or tongue to move the mask back into position if it is slipping. Do not touch the outside of your mask.