Where to Find LATCH in Any Vehicle (2000-2020)

This page has information on the number and location of the lower anchors and tether anchors for ALL minivans, SUVs, sedans, wagons, and hatchbacks since 2000. Really! That’s a lot of vehicles, and a lot of information! The only vehicles currently not included are pick-up trucks and 10+ passenger vans (these have many possible different seating arrangements).

If you aren’t sure what lower anchors & tether anchors are that’s OK! Click here to learn all about these anchors.

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LATCH in 3-Row SUV's

LATCH in Minivans

LATCH in 2 Row Vehicles: 2-Row SUVs, Sedans, Wagons, Hatchbacks

LATCH in 1 Row Vehicles: Coupes & Convertibles

The government does not require tether anchors in convertibles or 2-seater coupes since these vehicles usually lack a suitable location to support a tether anchor. 

The tether is the most important part of every forward facing car seat in that it significantly reduces the risk of brain and spinal cord injury. If there is no tether anchor, a child in a forward-facing car seat should not ride in this vehicle. 

Before putting any child in this car, you must read the vehicle owner’s manual very carefully to see if a child is permitted to ride in the front seat, and what, if anything, needs to be done about the passenger airbag.

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