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In January 2017 Graco introduced SnugLock – a new addition to the Snug Ride Click Connect line. We are ONLY recommending the SnugLock models (of the Graco infant car seats) from here on out as the SnugLocks have 2 significant improvements:

1. European belt path on the carrier AND

2. An awesome belt tensioning & belt locking device on the base to make seat belt or LATCH installations MUCH easier (less brute force, less technical-know-how required).

Jealous? If you have an older Click Connect and want the easy-install of a SnugLock base, you can buy a SnugLock base (this one or this one) separately and use it with any Click Connect carrier ever made.



Instruction Manuals

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We’ve included the Baby Jogger city GO in here – as it is really a Snug Ride 35 LX carrier (no-rethread harness) with a modified 35 LX base. Graco and Baby Jogger are owned by the same parent company. The Baby Jogger city GO has the same stroller compatibility as the Graco Click Connect car seats.



Instruction Manuals 

Baby Jogger city GO

For Click Connect non-SnugLock models:




35 InRight LATCH without boot

35 InRight LATCH with boot


35LX with Safety Surround


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 Graco SR35 Classic discontinued

The Graco Snug Ride 35 Classic Connect is now discontinued. We chose to include this older model as we know that many families have this seat and may want to re-use it for a 2nd child. Note the expiration date on the bottom of the carrier – it is typically 7 years from the date of manufacture (but older models expired in December of the 6th year).

IMPORTANT: The 22 & 30 Classic Connects are NOT the same seat as the 35 Classic. The 22 & 30 do not have a seat belt lock-off on the base, and do not feature a European belt path on the carrier. The 35 Classic is the only Classic we recommended.



Instruction Manual

Snug Ride 35 Classic Connect

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Sorting through the SnugRides

Not exaggerating, there are nearly a dozen different Graco Snug Ride Click Connect models, all with nearly identical names… which makes distinguishing between them enough to make your head spin. You’ll find our features table below to be invaluable – it includes all Click Connects, both the SnugLock and non-SnugLock ones.

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