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Note: The B.O.B. versions of these seats are identical to the Britax version with the same name. B.O.B. and Britax are owned by the same parent company. We will add the Endeavours to our description/review below once it is on the market.

The Britax B-Safe35 & B-Safe35 Elite are very similar seats. They use the identical base and share many of the same features on the carrier – so we’ve grouped them together, and will highlight the differences in the relevant sections below. The B.O.B. B-Safe 35 is the EXACT same seat as the Britax B-Safe 35, they just have different fabric colors.

B-Safe 35 & 35 Elite



Instruction Manuals


BSafe35 Elite

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Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.13.02 PMThe Britax B-Safe is now discontinued. While it was replaced in 2015 by the B-Safe 35/35 Elite, we chose to include this older model as we know that many families have this seat and may want to re-use it for a 2nd child. Please note that the B.O.B. B-Safe is the EXACT same seat as the Britax B-Safe, they just have different fabrics.




Instruction Manual

PDF of the B-Safe manual

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