Child Locks on Car Doors – How to Engage Them

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Does your toddler play with the door handle while you’re driving? Does your 7-year-old try and jump out of the car before you’re finished parking?

Did you know that you can lock the rear car doors so that they can not be opened from the inside – but only be opened from the outside?

It’s usually VERY easy to engage these locks.  Open the rear door you want to lock.  Look at the side of the door (the part that you can’t see when the door is closed).  You will likely see one of the following locking devices – usually requiring you to push a lever down or up, or turn your key in a slot to engage the lock.  In some vehicles the child lock is engaged with a button on the dashboard.  Read your vehicle owner’s manual for more information. Click here for a video that demonstrates this feature.

Child locks on car doors.001

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