What if I have a Preemie or Small Newborn?

The Car Seat Lady’s Tips for Preemies & Small Newborns

Are you taking home a baby weighing less than 5 pounds?

PROBLEM: More than 1 in 10 parents take home a baby weighing less than 5 pounds… but nearly half of the infant car seats have a starting weight of 5 pounds; only some start at 4 pounds or less!

IMPORTANT: Some car seats come with newborn inserts (read more here about proper head position for a newborn). Car seats, and anything that comes in the box with the seat, have rigorous crash testing & standards they must meet. Products sold separately – like infant head/body positioners, fleece sleeping bags, strap covers, etc – are not regulated & do not have to pass any crash tests. Such “aftermarket products” should not be used as they will make your baby LESS SAFE, and will void the car seat’s warranty. NOTHING should be placed under your baby or under the straps. Once your baby is buckled snugly wearing a few thin layers of clothes, you can “swaddle” the baby OVER the straps to keep him calm, give extra support for his body, and keep him warm.

If you’re looking for more help in selecting an infant car seat, please check out our infant car seat buying guide.

Click here for a Printable Preemie Tip Sheet