Running Strollers

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Running Strollers

For those looking for a running stroller, we’ve added some extra columns with info on the wheel size for the front & rear wheels, as well as the max child height.

This table needs to be viewed on a computer, not a mobile device – and is best seen when you click “view larger version” in the bottom right of the table.

Important details about running strollers:

NEVER jog or run with a car seat on any stroller

NEVER jog or run with an infant. Most pediatricians & stroller manufacturers recommend waiting until the child is at least 6-12 months. Baby should be sitting upright unsupported and have excellent head control to withstand the jostling they’ll experience when you jog/run.

NEVER exceed the height limit on a running stroller when using it for running – as it can become unstable.

ALL running strollers have 3 wheels AND air-filled tires (like a bicycle tire)… but not all 3-wheeled strollers with air-filled tires can be used for running. ALL running strollers also have a front wheel that locks (i.e. does not swivel) as for running the front wheel must stay locked.

Running vs Jogging: There is a difference between running and jogging – specifically the speed at which you are going. As you go faster, the stroller must be able to handle this speed and maintain its stability – and this is what really distinguishes a running stroller from the rest. When running, you’ll want to always use the wrist strap to prevent the stroller from getting away from you – especially necessary in case you trip or fall.

The 3-wheeled strollers with air-filled tires that are marked “No run” may be able to handle a slow jog, especially on a paved, flat surface – but as you pick up speed won’t be stable enough. There are quality differences amongst the strollers – and some marked “Y run” may be much nicer to run with than others in terms of how stable they feel and how easy they are to push.

Lockable Swivel Front Wheel: If you plan to walk really fast, jog, or run you’ll want to lock the front wheel for additional stability. You’ll want to unlock the front wheel – and allow it to swivel – when doing normal walking to allow you to easily turn and maneuver the stroller.

Fine Print (don’t skip it…)

There’s fine print you need to read before buying a specific stroller or car seat – click here. Trust us on this, don’t skip the fine print. 

Not sure what each column means or how to use the table?

No problem! Click here to learn about all the information in each column AND the how to use all of the functions, features, and filters found in the table.

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