LATCH in Vehicles with 3 Rows (or more)

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2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.001

**Please look at the above image’s “sample vehicle” as it is a key to understanding the diagrams you will see in all of the following pictures on this page!!**

The 3-row vehicles are arranged by type, and include model years 2013-15:

A few things to remember:

* These vehicles have 5 lower anchors. The center seat shares a lower anchor with one of the side seats. If installing a car seat in the center seat, it is not possible to install a car seat in the adjacent seat (the one that shares a lower anchor with the center seat) using lower LATCH anchors for that car seat.

** These vehicles allow you to borrow the innermost lower anchors from the 2 side seats to install a car seat in the center. Since car seats can not share lower anchors, you can NOT use the center LATCH at the same time as using LATCH on either of the side seats. In these vehicles, borrowing the innermost lower anchors means that the LATCH belt stretches several inches into the side seats, and blocks someone from buckling their seat belt if they sit in either of the 2 side seats… effectively rendering the back seat a 1 seater, not a 3 seater.

SUVs – 6 Seater Models

2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.002 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.003 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.004

SUVs – 7 Seater Models

2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.005 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.006 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.007

SUVs – 8 Seater Models

2013 2015 3rd row 8 passenger SUV LATCH.001 2013 2015 3rd row 8 passenger SUV LATCH.002 2013 2015 3rd row 8 passenger SUV LATCH.003

Minivans – 7 & 8 Seater Models

2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.011 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.012 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.013 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.014

10 & 11 Passenger Vans

2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.015 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.016

12 Passenger Vans

2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.017 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.018

15 Passenger Vans

2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.019 2013 to 2015 3rd row vehicles LATCH positions.020

63 Responses to “LATCH in Vehicles with 3 Rows (or more)”

  1. Sarah Cole says:

    Thanks for providing this information. It’s so helpful as we’re trying to figure out which vehicle to buy that will fit our 3rd child (3 in carseats!) Do you have this data for 2011 or 2012 models?

    • @Sarah Cole – we do not have this data on our website for 2012 or 2011 models. However, if the vehicle was unchanged between these model years you can extrapolate from the 2013 data.

  2. […] The tether is the MOST IMPORTANT part of EVERY forward-facing car seat. Unfortunately, the government only requires cars 2003 and newer to have 3 tether anchors. If you’re buying a sedan, you have 3 seats in back, and you’ll have a tether anchor for each of these seats. If you’re buying a vehicle with a 3rd row – such as a minivan or SUV – chances are you will NOT have tether anchors in all of the positions. Shocking, right! Therefore, before buying a vehicle with a 3rd row, make sure that any of the positions where you might want to put a forward-facing child have a tether anchor… see here. […]

  3. Belinda says:

    I have the 2013 explorer and my question is would it be possible for the dealership to put a tether on that one seat that doesn’t have it?

  4. Suzanne says:

    This is fantastic. Thank you for putting this all together. Do you have information for 2015 models? We are considering buying a new car. Thanks!

  5. Angie says:

    Thanks for this blog post !!!
    You saved us from making a $38,000 mistake ! Our babe is still in his infant seat so forward facing seems far away and something we didn’t take into consideration with anchors

  6. GingerLee says:

    Finding your site has been a true godsend and relief as I have been in search of some of this information forever!! I have a 2014 mercedes gl63 and found the system listed here. From viewing your videos I have learned that I am not using the tether correctly and will reinstall my recaro carseat for my 15m daughter..where would you suggest placing an added chicco keyfit30 for our growing family. We will have 10y 15month and infant. Not sure where is safest and find it very difficult to get safety suggestions. Again. Thank you for ANY added info.

  7. christa h says:

    what is the easiest way to find out where tether anchors are located in other models like the Kia Sedona?

  8. ann says:

    Since I want 2 of my kids in the 3rd row and there is only one teether achor in the center. Can I have 2 teether kit installed on each side of the 3rd row for my Town and Country?

  9. Brooklyn3 says:

    I’ve seen conflicting information on the safety of car seats in the 3rd row. Is the 3rd row less protected? Need to get two 10 month olds and a 2.5 year old home for the holidays in a rental car. Is it better to try to squeeze 3 in a row in the 2nd row? Thanks in advance – you are the best!

    • The 3rd row may not have lower anchors and/or top tether anchors (the top tether anchors are only relevant if the 2 year old is forward-facing). You can install with a seat belt, but many people find it easier to get a secure installation with LATCH (with most seats). The most important thing is that you have all the car seats properly and tightly installed – that is priority #1.

  10. leah says:

    Okay, so if I’m reading these charts correctly, the Buick Enclave will only give me 3 top tethers and 2 lower LATCH tethers, and the Infiniti QX60 will give me 4 top tethers, but still only 2 bottom LATCH tethers. Is that right? We are about to trade in our car for more car seat/seat availability, and I want to be sure I have this correct.

    I’ve got a 4yr old FF, a 2.5yr old RF, and a newborn coming in a few weeks. Do you recommend one of the above models over the other? Can I really put all 3 across on the 2nd row bench if I get the Infinity? Thanks so much for this diagram! Definitely eye opening.

    • I’d get a Honda Odyssey if you are looking for more car seat/seat availability – as it is a much more versatile vehicle – 5 lower anchors, 6 tether anchors (in the 8 passenger model). In the QX60 I’d put a Diono Radian RXT forward-facing behind the driver, Clek Foonf rear-facing in the center, and an infant seat on the passenger side (I know it is ideal to have the forward facing child in the center but I had trouble making that work when I tried 3-across for another family in that vehicle).

      • leah says:

        Thanks for the reply and suggestions! We are planning to stop at 3 kiddos, so the extra car seat availability is more for carpool situations in the future. Additional seats will likely be for adult family members for now.

        While I recognize the benefits, neither of us is crazy about the minivan idea. We had initially been considering the Tahoe and Enclave as top choices, but I love the idea that I can put 3 across in the 2nd row of the QX60 with the ability to slide a seat forward, car seat attached.

        Our current seats are the Nautilus (4yr old, FF), Radian R120 (2.5yr old, RF) and Graco Snugride (for the new little). Any way to make this configuration work in the Infinity, or is there not enough room across? I can buy new seats if I need to, but since we are already buying a new car, and like the seats we have, would love to be able to use them. Thanks again!

  11. Cassandra Patten says:

    Help! We are about to have our fourth child with our oldest being 4 years old (almost 5). We just realized our Toyota Sienna only has one tether and set of anchors in the third row. Do we need to break our lease and get a new car?

    • You don’t need to break your lease – just have the 3 youngest kids ride rear-facing and you’ll therefore only need one tether anchor in the 3rd row (for the almost 5 year old). Once the oldest transitions to a booster, you won’t need a tether anchor for that child and can then use it for the next oldest who will likely still be in a 5 point harness. If you did break your lease, get a Honda odyssey with the 8 passenger option – as you have 6 tether anchors and 5 lower anchor positions.

      • Wilcox says:

        Are there any year Toyota Sienna that has AWD which has lower anchors and tether anchors for 4 car seats?

        • 2015 & newer models have LATCH in both 2nd row captain’s chairs, and in the 3rd row passenger and center. Please note that the 3rd row center LATCH is not “centered” and a car seat in this position will take up the driver’s seating position in the 3rd row as well typically.

  12. Melissa says:

    Need Advice! I have a 2013 Suburban. My youngest two sons are 12 months and 5 weeks. Their seats on bolted down using the tether and lower anchors in the bucket seats. I have a 4 year old that sits in the middle of the 3rd row… the 3rd row only has a tether. Will just the tether be enough to secure my 4 year old in his 5 pt. harness, or do you recommend that I find a SUV with lower anchors AND a tether in the 3rd row?? Thanks so much!!

    • The tether is not a stand-alone… it always needs something else to secure the bottom part of the car seat – and that something else is the seat belt OR the lower anchors. In the 3rd row you have no lower anchors, so the “something else” is going to be the seat belt. Most car seats won’t install securely in the 3rd row center seat in your Suburban as they are too wide for the very narrow center. You could try a Britax Frontier or Britax Boulevard Click Tight there.

      Most seats for 5 week olds do not tether – so make sure that you are following the instructions for this car seat – AND make sure to visit someone trained in your area to get the installation of all the seats checked –

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you so much for your reply!!

        So as long as the tether is hooked, and I use the seat belts my son’s seat will be secured… Am I correct? Thanks again!!

  13. Heidi says:

    Hi. I’m actually now really considering the Honda odyssey. I’m hoping to be able to fit 2 RF and 1 FF in the third row so that I can have the space and comfort of getting the grandparents in the second row easily. Would it be possible to get all 3 in the third row? Thanks

  14. Kindall says:

    We are putting our almost 5 year old into a booster in our third row of a 2015 Chevy traverse. I will have a FF 3 year old and newborn in front Captian chairs. There is no LATCH system in the third row. Can I still use the booster without THE LATCH system?

  15. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I currently have a 2013 toyota sienna, but I am.expecting twins this summer. so I will have 5 car seats! I was thinking about getting a 2014 suburban. Can I fit 2 high back boosters and a forward facing car seat in the third row? Then I will put the twins in the middle row.

  16. Carianne says:

    Hi, I am a little overwhelmed at this all, so I am very appreciative for all the information! My question is, can I get three rear-facing seats in the Toyota Sienna and still be able to buckle everyone in? I’d rather everyone be in the 2nd row, but I don’t know if that’s possible either. Thanks so much!

    • If the Sienna is a 2011 and newer, the 2nd row center seat is useless as it is too narrow. If you have a 2010 or older Sienna, you can get 3-across (and actually have LATCH in all 3 2nd row seats).

  17. Sarah Aibel says:

    Do you have this data – or know where it could be found -for suv’s with just two rows? We need three car seats but are looking at cars that all seem to have just two rows… Thanks!

    • 3 tether anchors are required for all vehicles (with a few exceptions) in the US since model year 2000… so if your vehicle only has 2 rows it therefore only has 3 seats at most in the back, and therefore all of them should have tether anchors.

  18. Julia.S says:

    If I wee to buy a 7 or 8 passenger Honda Odyssey how would my older children get into the third row with two RF convertible car seats in the second row? I’m partially handicap and puttng them in the third row and climbing back isn’t an option for me…
    If I REALLY had to I could turn my 3 year old FF, but she’s only 22lbs so I’d like her to stay RF for a lot longer.
    Thank you for your help!

    • If you get a 2011 and newer Odyssey in the 8 passenger version, you can have 2 rear-facing seats side by side in the middle row and leave one of the captain’s chairs on the side empty for access to the 3rd row.

  19. Stacey says:

    I think we are purchasing a 2015 7-passenger GMC Acadia today. The plan is to install the twins’ infant carseats RF into the captain’s chairs; put the 3-year-old FF in his carseat in the 3rd row middle, and the 5-year-old 3rd row, outboard in a booster. Will that work?

    • In this vehicle and others with captain’s chairs, you have no access to the 3rd row once the twins are out of the infant seats and into rear-facing convertible seats. You need a Honda Odyssey 2011 & newer with the 8 seats (3 seats in middle row).

  20. Suzanne says:

    I see that the Toyota Sienna has two tethers in the third row. Must one of the car seats be placed in the center seat or can you place two forward facing car seats in the outboard seats in third row? I would rather not have my kids next to each other. I can foresee many fights ensuing. Thanks!

    • You must use the tether designated for that seating location. You can not place a car seat on a side seat and use the tether anchor for the center seat. It can pull the car seat to the side in a crash and increase the risk of injury.

  21. Brandi says:

    I have a 2014 Caravan. Can I put a FF carseat in the outboard drivers side position and use the center tether. Since the latch is offset anyway, it’s only a few inches over (enough that I can unclip her without crawling into the back though!!). Thought I read that on the car seat lady facebook page, that I can do that. Thanks!

    • The tether anchor in the 3rd row center of the Caravan/Grand Caravan/Town & Country (model years 2008-2015) can ONLY be used for a car seat installed in the center seat. It may NOT be used by a car seat is installed on either of the side seats.

  22. laura says:

    We are considering purchasing a 2015 Toyota Highlander. Would there be room for 2 convertible rear facing carseats AND an infant carseat in the middle row? (2 yr old twins + infant)

    Thanks so much!

  23. Emmi says:

    Quick question – on several of the charts, you show front passenger seat having the forward tether anchor. To use a car seat forward facing in those seats – would you have to deactivate the airbag or is it tested to be safe as the seat is designed to have a car seat installed there?

    • It would be safer for the forward-facing child if the airbag was deactivated, but it is nearly impossible to get an airbag deactivated…

      A rear-facing child can never, ever go in front of a frontal airbag as the inflation force is such that it causes fatal neck injuries since the baby’s head and neck are right where the airbag inflates.

  24. Tiffany says:

    Thank you for this information! I guess by looking at this, I will probably get a ford transit extended cab… I have a daycare and am increasing my numbers to 12. So I will have 12 children 4 years old and under. I plan on buying 10 diono radian rxts unless something I like better comes out before hand. Obviously need something narrow, but I also want then to look nice and be uniform. Any advice would be appreciated. Im a cpst but have been very busy and not too active in the carseat world for awhile lol

    • I would NOT buy Radians. You need seats that install easily with a seat belt (i.e. have built in seat belt lock-offs) and have a no-rethread harness.

      Also, check your state law as some prohibit buying 15 passenger vans to transport children for school/daycare.

  25. Mary says:

    So, we bought a 2015 highlander and didn’t realize you can’t get three across the middle. 🙁 is there any safe way to get three rear facing foonfs, using the second and third rows? Thanks! PS – I wish I had read this sooner!

    • You would have to put 2 rear-facing Foonfs in the 3rd row, as with 2 rear-facing in the 2nd row, you wouldn’t be able to get to the 3rd row. It isn’t possible with 3 Foonfs or 3 of any other rear-facing seats in the middle row.

  26. Katherine says:

    Does the specific trim of the vehicle change the latch placements? Specifically looking at the chevy tahoe or suburban, not sure what to get (example 1500/3500)

    • It does not change the LATCH placement in most vehicles (including the ones you are asking about). The only time it may is in pick-up trucks with different cab sizes where some models may not even have a back seat, while others have a full size back seat.

  27. Diana says:

    I am looking at getting a 2014-2016 7 passenger Lincoln MKT. You have in your diagram that there are two tethers in the 3rd row seat. I’m only seeing one tether in the pictures and specs online. Can you confirm this?

    • Thank you for noticing this. There is an error in my diagram. The 6 passenger MKT diagram is correct, but the 7 passenger should show that there is only 1 tether anchor in the 3rd row, and it is for the 3rd row passenger seat.

  28. Ann says:

    For the mini vans that only have one middle tether (Town and Country) in the third row, can a forward facing car seat be placed on a side with the seat belt and use the top tether from the middle seat?

  29. Suzanne says:

    I’m wondering about this, too. Just got a rental Grand Caravan and can’t figure out how to get my FF six year old in the car. (Along with FF 4 yo and RF 16 mo) So frustrating. I don’t understand why more minivans don’t have 2 top tether anchors in the back! (And why Sienna is the only minivan with all wheel drive!)

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