How To Use the Stroller Buying Guide

We want you to get the most out of this stroller buying guide, so please take the time to read this entire page so you’ll understand how to use the stroller features & car seat compatibility table – especially the powerful filter functions – to help you find the perfect stroller & car seat. First we’ll explain what information you can glean from each column – and then we’ll explain how to use the filters, features, and functions in the table. 

Here’s a sample table with 9 strollers (the real table has 120+ strollers). Remember to scroll left in the table to see all the columns!

Click the pink column names below to understand more about each column.



Table Features: Hide Fields, Filter, Group, Sort Search

Click the pink words below to learn more about each feature so you get the most from our tables. You can experiment with the sample table above (the one with the 10 strollers) to see how the table works.

Additional considerations when choosing a stroller

Keep in mind that many (truthfully, most) people end up with more than 1 stroller because there is no perfect stroller for all situations.

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